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We are a DBA company under CTC founded in early 2010. We started as a result of the slow economy specializing in mechanical engineering and manufacturing of American Made high quality reactive steel hunting/shooting targets for sportsman. Today,  REACTIVETECH operates in conjunction with CTC, an industry leading engineering and fabrication firm building industrial machinery for the engineered wood products industry.  Check us out at

About the founders:

Jason A. Holbert - Has a B.S.M.E from Oregon State University,  is a member of ASME, and has five years of mechanical engineering and design experience at CTC.  Living in Oregon he enjoys hunting, shooting, and fly-fishing.  He dedicates this adventure to his loving and supportive family: Kari, his beautiful wife, and sons: Chayse, Jaxon, and Gage.

Jason W. Misner - With 14 years of welding and fabrication
experience under his hat, Jason knows how to produce top quality
products.  He grew up in Salinas, CA and moved to Oregon
in 2003.  As a young man Jason had an obession with hog hunting
and hunting blacktail deer across oak filled canyons.  These days that obsession continues as he hunts just about every kind of animal Oregon has to offer.  Jason is blessed with an understanding and beautiful wife and daughter:  Mandy and Ireland

    Our Solution

  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Certified Welding/Fabrication
  • Completely Tested
  • Artwork provided by photographer
  • Heavy duty construction

Latest News

11/9/10 - Been busy hunting.  See you in 2011!

10/12/10 - Our new releases are the Range Master, Counter-Sniper, and Coyote.  Please view our "Gallery" and continue to visit our website for future target updates.

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So What's The Deal?

For more than 25 years, CTC (Corvallis Tool Co.) has been providing engineering, project management, and machinery services to the engineered wood products industry around the world.  Due to the slow down in our economy, we have extended our engineering and fabrication capabilities (thus creating REACTIVETECH) to the reactive steel rifle target industry hoping to create jobs and provide a quality product to our customers......
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